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Massage & Oxygen Therapy
      A Powerful                                    Combination!
Spa Massage
Golfer's Choice Spa Services
In-Home/Office/Hotel Massage
 Additional Alternative Therapies
Massage therapy at the spa is a relaxing escape from the harsh world around you.  Sometimes removing yourself from the stresses of your life can be exactly what you need to let go and move forward. A mini vacation is guaranteed with each visit. Leave refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.  Our massages are eclectic and tailor made with your goals in mind. Light, moderate or deep pressure, we will help you exceed your objectives.

Monday -Friday 11am-7pm             Saturday 11am-7pm                           After Hours    
60 minutes $85                              60 minutes $95                                  60 minutes $120
90 minutes $125                            90 minutes $135                                90minutes  $185
At Golfer's Choice Massage, we specialize in massage services.  We also have several alternative therapies to enhance your massage. Below is a menu of services. Alternative therapies with an asterisk are available with outcall massage. 
​Otherwise known as outcall massage, Massage Therapy at home is available for people who prefer to host their own location for a massage. We bring everything necessary for the massage except for the sheets. When we travel to you, we prefer that you provide what ever you would like to use. Relaxing or therapeutic massage, we are prompt, professional and prepared to make your body melt into bliss. Rates vary by distance, so call, text or email to get a quote. The massage itself is exactly the same quality as spa massage. 

11am-12am starting at $100 and up.           

We do offer special rates for multiple hours and scheduling in advance.We also run occasional sales.
Exfoliating Body Glow*:
   A  secret recipe of detoxifying organic abrasives carefully blended with cold pressed oils and exotic essential oils. We then scrub your body to exfoliate dead skin cells and polish the layer beneath, leaving a distinct glow all over your body and soul. $40

Oxygen Bar:
    Oxygen has long been known as a miracle healing element. Look at the results of a hyperbaric chamber.   Although an oxygen bar is not as powerful, we are using the same active ingredient. The effects of massage    are undeniable on their own, but when combining deep circulation with  increased oxygen levels drastically        increases the benefits of massage.  Massage+Oxygen=Alchemy!!!  10 minutes=$10 or $40 for a full hour.

Ear Candles*:
 Unfortunately, some people are uneducated about the benefits and reasons for using ear candles. They don't  remove an abnormal amount of wax or cause a strong vortex and suction to syphon out said wax. What they really do provide is warm air and a small amount of smoke to loosen wax and dialate the ear canal. Once this is accomplished, we then irrigate the canal with organic bubbling compounds to free a healthy amount of wax and unnecessary toxins. We then finish with a few drops of essential oils to hydrate your ears. $50

    A simple addition of essential oils to your massage cream/oil can add another dimension to your wellness 
    experience. Whether you are having trouble sleeping or trouble motivating, aromatherapy could be the 
    answer to your problem.  Please comunicate your issues so we make an informed decision to exceed 
    your goals. $5-$20

Hydrating Scalp Treatment*:
This anti-dandruff hydrating scalp treatment is a common cause of drooling. This treatment repairs and      tones  your scalp with a secret recipe manually massaged into the entire scalp. After a thorough dispersion, the treatment is left on the scalp for a minimum of one hour or as long as you care to keep it in. Warning! you will not be camera ready after this treatment. As you leave our facility with the treatment in your hair, we suggest heading straight home afterward.  $25

Colon Hydrotherapy Coming Soon!

We are available by appointment only, so call today to schedule or inquire.